Improving the Conditions Where We Live, Learn, Work and Play

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Supporting Health as a Neighborhood

Take a look at how Northfield Healthy Community Initiative is supporting community health.

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Employment provides income and benefits that support a healthy life.

Our partners are helping create better and safer work environments for low-wage workers.

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Family and social support

Greater social support = better health.

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Access to Coverage: a continued focus for Blue Cross Foundation

Foundation president, Carolyn Link, featured in Grantmakers in Health, discusses outcomes-to-date and continued imperative for the Foundation’s successful Access to Coverage program.

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Equity in action

Learn about the work of one of our partners, Reviving Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment (RISE).

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How can early education help reduce truancy rates?

Our partners create lasting change in a Moorhead community.

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Over $1 million awarded to support early childhood

7 Minnesota nonprofits awarded grants to support early childhood care and education.

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Entrepreneurs and equity

The Immigrant Development Center in Fargo-Moorhead advances health equity through income.

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Equality or equity?

What’s the difference, and why does it matter?

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As income goes up, so do positive health outcomes.

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PHOTOS (from top): Promise Neighborhood of Central Minnesota; Little Earth of United Tribes;
St. Paul Youth Services; RISE; Immigrant Development Center;
National Center for Healthy Housing